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IBM Forging Bigger Power8 Systems, Adding FPGA Acceleration

Enterprise Tech Systems Edition (28/7/2014) Timothy Prickett Morgan

IBM launched its first servers based on the Power8 processors back in April, and the initial machines were aimed at scale-out clusters as well as at customers needing a modest standalone machine with one or two processor sockets to run their workloads. Big Blue was expected to focus initially on these scale-out machines, and was pretty vague about its plans for larger systems that gang up many more processors and larger memory footprints to go along with it.


BP Fires Up 2.2 Petaflops Cluster for Oil Exploration

There is an arms race in the oil and gas industry, and the weapon of choice is a server cluster. Energy industry giant BP has opened the doors on a new datacenter in Houston that it says houses the “world’s largest supercomputer for commercial research,” weighing in at more than 2.2 petaflops.