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DARPA Looks to GPUs to Help Process Big Data in the Military

IT Pro (03/31/14) Clare Hopping 

The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) wants to use graphics-processing units (GPUs) to help analyze big data in support of governmental and military efforts. Speaking at the recent GPU Technology Conference, DARPA project manager Chris White said the agency is looking for people to help them understand real-world battlefields using GPUs. White said DARPA needs expertise to help develop the XDATA cloud to process data from military sensors and communications systems, which will help soldiers make informed decisions quickly. Although GPUs can provide help to process the data, such a complex and specialized solution also needs investment to make it work more effectively, according to White. “Our goal is to apply the principles of big data analytics to identify and understand deep commonalities among the constantly evolving corpus of software drawn from the hundreds of billions of lines of open source code available today,” says DARPA program manager Suresh Jagannathan. “We’re aiming to treat programs–more precisely, facts about programs–as data, discovering new relationships among this ‘big code’ to build better, more robust software.”



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