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12 Predictions for the Future of Programming

InfoWorld (02/03/14) Peter Wayner 

Forecasting the next hit technology is challenging due to the rapid pace of change, but InfoWorld offers 12 predictions for the future of programming over the next five years. One prediction is that the graphics processing unit (GPU) will take center stage from the central processing unit, as applications are increasingly written to use the parallel architecture of GPUs. In addition, databases are likely to manage increasingly advanced analysis, running more sophisticated algorithms on tables, searching more efficiently for data patterns, and carrying out big data tasks. Javascript and Android will grow more and more dominant in programming. The Internet of Things will increase the number of new programming platforms, with automobiles being the most significant. Open source code will continue to present a challenge in finding the revenue to support development. WordPress Web applications will proliferate, as dominant frameworks offer functionality that makes it unnecessary to create apps from scratch. Plug-ins will increasingly supplant full-fledged programs. The command line will remain relevant because it is too flexible and universal to be replaced, and it will continue to work with modern tools. Both outsourcing and insourcing will continue, as work is outsourced to reduce costs but also performed by new automated tools.



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