• December 2013
    M T W T F S S

Massachusetts Launches Open Cloud to Spur Big Data R&D

 Government Computer News (12/16/13) Rutrell Yasin

The Massachusetts state government is working with local research universities and technology firms to establish the Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC), a cloud framework that will serve as a regional hub for big data research and innovation.  The MOC will be a marketplace that enables users to supply, buy, and resell hardware capacity, software, and services.  The framework will focus on analyzing large data sets such as those targeted by the Massachusetts Big Data Initiative.  State officials say the effort should improve computational infrastructure and turn cloud computing and big data analysis into strong, locally hosted industries.  The universities are collaborating with tech firms on the open-cloud technology, which will provide  infrastructure as a service, application development, and big data platform services.  The cloud platform should eliminate the time and financial obstacles that make it difficult for small companies to enter markets.  Participants providing services will be responsible for their operation, determining fees, managing shared cloud services, and collecting charges as well as a small overhead to pay for MOC operations.  Meanwhile, several research projects are using the open cloud, including a user interface for the marketplace and a test cloud by Boston University for department-scale user testing.


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