• December 2012
    M T W T F S S

Supercomputing for a Superproblem: A Computational Journey Into Pure Mathematics

University of Leicester (United Kingdom) (11/06/12)

Mathematician Yuri Matiyasevich is focusing on finding a solution to the challenging mathematical problem of the Riemann Zeta Function (RZF) hypothesis, and he has published a research report through the University of Leicester that regards the zeros of the function.  The paper details how supercomputers have helped mathematicians explore the hypothesis.  “The goal of this paper is to present numerical evidence for a new method for revealing all divisors of all natural numbers from the zeroes of the RZF,” says Leicester professor Alexander Gorban.  “This approach required supercomputing power.”  Gorban notes previous evidence exists of prestigious mathematical functions utilizing massive computations.  “Unfortunately, the Riemann hypothesis is not reduced to a finite problem and, therefore, the computations can disprove but cannot prove it,” he observes.  “Computations here provide the tools for guessing and disproving the guesses only.”  The RZF hypothesis appears on the list of Hilbert’s Problems and also is one of the Millennium Problems listed by the Clay Mathematics Institute.


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