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Blue Waters Petascale Supercomputer Now in Friendly User Phase

NCSA News (11/06/12)

U.S. National Science Foundation-approved science and engineering teams now have access to the full Blue Waters petascale computing system. The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) and Cray are currently conducting functionality, feature, performance, and reliability testing of the system at full scale. As the tests are completed, a representative production workload of science and engineering applications will run on the full Blue Waters system. The selected users will have access to the entire system during this window in order to help the Blue Waters team test and evaluate the full system. University of Illinois researchers used the system to explore aspects of the HIV capsid’s structural properties in a 100-nanosecond simulation. University of California, Santa Barbara researchers employed the system to complete their calculation of the spectroscopy of charmonium, the positronium-like states of a charm quark and an anticharm quark. NCSA notes that Blue Waters is designed for the most data-, memory-, and compute-intensive computational science and engineering work and to provide sustained performance of 1 petaflop on a range of science and engineering applications.



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