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On Track for Terabyte Discs: Making Computer Data Storage Cheaper, Easier

Case Western Reserve University (10/09/12)

Case Western Reserve University researchers have developed technology that could lead to the creation of optical discs that hold up to two terabytes of data.  The researchers say the discs would provide small and medium-sized businesses with an alternative to storing data on energy-wasting magnetic disks or large magnetic tapes.  The technique uses data storage technology similar to Blu-ray, but instead of packing more data on the surface, the data is written in dozens of layers.  The method is based on optical film with 64 data layers, technology that was fist developed by the Case Western Reserve’s Center for Layered Polymeric Systems.  The researchers then cut and pasted the film onto the same hard plastic base DVDs and Blu-ray disks use.  The researchers want to provide an affordable option to computer centers that now regularly purge data due to the prohibitive costs of current storage technologies.  “A disc will be on the capacity scale of magnetic tapes used for archival data storage,” says Case Western Reserve professor Kenneth Singer.  “But, they’ll be substantially cheaper and have one advantage: You can access data faster.  You just pop the disc in your computer and you can find the data in seconds.”



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