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University of Waterloo Engineers Unveil Two-Way Wireless Breakthrough

University of Waterloo (06/14/12) Carol Truemner

University of Waterloo engineering researchers have developed technology that enables wireless signals to be simultaneously sent and received on a single radio channel frequency.  “This means wireless companies can increase the bandwidth of voice and data services by at least a factor of two by sending and receiving at the same time, and potentially by a much higher factor through better adaptive transmission and user management in existing networks,” says Waterloo professor Amir K. Khandani.  He says two-way wireless technology could lead to huge improvements in voice and data services, and boost wireless networks in terms of quality of service and efficiency.  Moreover, the breakthrough could result in ultra-secure transmission.  “The cost in hardware and signal-processing complexities and antenna size is very low and virtually the same as current one-way systems,” Khandani notes.  New applications for two-way technology include methods for interference management, security enhancements, and unique wireless connectivity called media-based.  The approach involves embedding data in transmission media rather than in the transmitted radio-frequency signal.



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