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Princeton Researchers Working at Forefront of ‘Exascale’ Supercomputing

Princeton University (06/28/12) Gale Scott

 Princeton University researchers are developing algorithms designed for exascale supercomputers that will enable scientists to address problems that were previously too difficult to solve.  The Group of Eight’s (G-8’s) Research Councils Initiative on Multilateral Research Funding recently awarded grants to Princeton researchers William Tang, Jeroen Tromp, and Venkatramani Balaji to develop the algorithms.  “What we hope to demonstrate is that this focused level of international scientific collaboration can help deliver breakthrough payoffs in high-performance computing,” Tang says.  The grants are part of a G-8 pilot project established in 2010 to facilitate multinational collaboration among scientists.  Tang will use his grant to develop advanced simulation software that will be compatible with exascale supercomputers.  The goal of the project, called NuFuSe, is to produce higher-fidelity simulations of the physics behind fusion reactions.  Balaji is working on a project to design software that will organize huge archives of climate data from around the world.  For example, Balaji says “a scientist at work on malaria might want to know how many mosquitoes are likely to be in a region in the future, which means predicting temperature or humidity.”  Tromp is using his grant to further his work mapping the interior of the Earth.


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