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Google Glass Launches New Age of Personal Computing

Computerworld (07/05/12) Sharon Gaudin

Google’s recently unveiled computerized eyeglasses could mark the beginning of a new computing era in which wearable computers are common.  The Google Glass development effort is all about “doing brand new risky technological things that are really about making science fiction real,” says Google cofounder Sergey Brin.  He says the next generation of computers likely won’t sit on a desk or have keyboards or monitors.  Meanwhile, analysts predict that future computers will be incorporated into other items that people use, such as clothing or jewelry.  “I believe that in five years we will see many different form factors and brands of wearable computers,” says analyst Patrick Moorhead.  He says Google’s research could lead to the mainstream use of these new technologies.  “We can go beyond the glasses and visualize computers in our jewelry, in our watches, and even inside our bodies,” Moorhead says.  Google Glass and other wearable computers also could be very useful in many workplaces, notes analyst Rob Enderle.  “They could be used regularly for things like taking inventory in warehouses, and for tasks on factory floors and other places where folks need to use computers and their hands at the same time,” Enderle says.



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