• June 2012
    M T W T F S S

Quantum Computer Leap

 Australian National University (05/18/12) Sarina Talip

 Disturbance has been the main technical difficulty in building a quantum computer, but new research from the Australian National University (ANU) suggests that noise could be the key to making a quantum computer operate accurately.  A quantum computer requires developers to address atomic scales and microscopic systems, which are extremely sensitive to noise, says ANU’s Andre Carvalho.  Carvalho and collaborators from Brazil and Spain are proposing adding even more noise to the system.  “We found that with the additional noise you can actually perform all the steps of the computation, provided that you measure the system, keep a close eye on it, and intervene,” Carvalho says.  He notes the outcomes of the measurement cannot be controlled–instead, they are totally random.  As a result, patiently waiting means it would take an infinite amount of time to extract even a very simple computation.  “By choosing smart ways to detect the random events, we can drive the system to implement any desired computation in the system in a finite time,” Carvalho says.


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