• March 2012
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Deutsche Telekom Claims Record Data Transfer Record

 BBC News (03/06/12)

Deutsche Telekom researchers recently achieved a usable bit rate of 400 Gbps over a single channel of its fiber-optic network, more than double the 186 Gbps record set by researchers in the United States and Canada last year. The researchers sent data along the company’s network between Berlin and Hanover and back again, a total distance of 456 miles. The experiment delivered a maximum 512 Gbps down each channel, of which 400 Gbps was usable data, which is the equivalent of transmitting 77 music CDs simultaneously in one second. Each optical fiber can carry up to 48 channels, which means the total potential throughput could reach up to 24.6 Tbps. Deutsche Telekom says the achievement was realized by working with Alcatel Lucent to create new technologies installed in its terminal stations at either end of the fiber. Much of the speed upgrade was accomplished via enhancements to the software used for forward error correction, which allowed a limited volume of corrupted bits to be corrected without having to resend the information. “It means improvements can be carried out without digging up the existing fiber, without massive hardware replacement–that’s actually the charm of the thing,” says Deutsche Telekom’s Heinrich Arnold.