• October 2011
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A Step Forward Toward Quantum Computers

 Asociacion RUVID (10/18/11)

 Researchers at Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (UPV) and Universitat Miguel Hernandez d’Elx (UMH) have developed a model that describes the full operation in a quantum regime of integrated optical modulators, which makes it possible for quantum computers to reach speeds of about 100 gigabytes per second.  The modulators could be used in future logical systems and quantum computers by applying the properties presented in the study, says UPV’s Jose Capmany.  “The ability to integrate several of these components into an optical chip opens the door to designing more complex, less expensive circuits by taking advantage of the economies of scale provided by photonic integration,” Capmany says.  The UPV-UMH study is a step toward the development of quantum communication and quantum computers, which would be a revolution in the telecommunications field.  “Currently, one of the obstacles to their development is that the demonstrations that have been made were based on extremely bulky assemblies, which entailed conditions that can only be reproduced in controlled laboratory environments,” Capmany says.


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