• October 2011
    M T W T F S S

Russia Plans to Build Exascale Supercomputer in 2020

CNews.ru (09/29/11)

Russia plans to build an exascale-class supercomputer by 2020, according to experts attending a meeting of Russia’s National HPC Technology Platform. The project is expected to have a budget of nearly $1.5 billion, and the supercomputer would be used for specific jobs in strategically key sectors such as defense and the oil and gas industries. The project also includes plans to build a special processor for the supercomputer, as well as a high-performance computing platform, systems, and applied software. Russia’s Federal Nuclear Center announced the launch of the country’s first petascale system this year. Development would begin in 2012, and the system would reach up to 10 to 15 Pflops in 2014-2015, and up to 100 Pflops in 2017-2018. Academic organizations will carry out the fundamental research, while the state nuclear corporation Rosatom and T-Platforms will develop the hardware. T-Platforms also could help develop the system architecture and the microelectronics. The supercomputer at Lomonosov Moscow State University, which has a performance of 1.3 Pflops, is currently Russia’s most powerful machine.