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New Language for Programming in Parallel.

 Technology Review (07/28/11) Duncan Graham-Rowe

 SofCheck’s Tucker Taft has developed the Parallel Specification and Implementation Language (ParaSail), a new programming language designed to maximize the potential of multicore computer processors by avoiding the problems associated with multicore chips, such as dividing tasks and sending them to each core in parallel.  ParaSail, which will work on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, is similar to the C and C++ programming languages, except that it automatically splits a program into thousands of smaller tasks that can be spread across cores, which allows for the greatest number of tasks to be completed in parallel.  ParaSail also automatically debugs the programs, which makes the code safer.  “Everything is done in parallel by default, unless you tell it otherwise,” Taft says.  ParaSail has several other components that are based on older programming languages developed in the 1980s and 1990s for supercomputers.  “There are a lot of people chipping away at the problem, taking existing languages and trying to make them better at handling parallel processing,” Taft says.


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