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Russia Steps up Game in Supercomputing.

Computerworld (07/25/11) Patrick Thibodeau

Russia president Dmitry Medvedev and T-Platforms, a Moscow-based computer maker, are working to develop the country’s reputation as a supercomputing leader. Medvedev’s desire for developing the country’s supercomputing expertise has resulted in Moscow State University’s T-Platforms’ supercomputer, called Lomonosov, which was ranked as the 13th most powerful system in the world in the most recent Top500 list. It also placed third on the Graph500, which measures how rapidly a system can execute a data-intensive graph operation. Without investing in high-performance computing (HPC), “Russian products in five years won’t be competitive in the world market, so the government is very much driving to increase HPC usage,” says IDC analyst Steve Conway. “At the moment it’s a new technology for most of the people, but we are trying to expand the market [in Russia],” says T-Platforms’ Anton Korzh. When it comes to writing software, “all of Eastern Europe has some advantage because all through the time they were under communism they had very poor hardware so they had to write software that would practically make a washing machine compute,” Conway says.



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