• June 2011
    M T W T F S S

PRACE Offers Access to Europe’s Fastest Supercomputers.

 PRACE (05/27/11)

The PRACE Research Infrastructure is making three Tier-0 supercomputers at the highest performance level and 17 national Tier-1 systems available to European researchers in academia and industry.  The Tier-0 systems will include HERMIT, a Cray XE6 system that will be installed next fall at the University Stuttgart’s High Performance Center.  HERMIT will have an initial peak performance of 1 petaflop/s and then a 4-5 petaflop/s second installation step in 2013.  Researchers will have access to the 1 petaflop/s IBM BlueGene/P system JUGENE, hosted by the Julich Supercomputing Center, and the Bull Bullx cluster CURIE at Bruyeres-Le-Chatel, which will reach a peak performance of more than 1.6 petaflop/s in its second installation phase in October.  “PRACE is proving to be the European supercomputer infrastructure,” says European Union commissioner Neelie Kroes.  “PRACE is a key driver for the development of European science and technology and provides vital support to researchers addressing the major challenges of our time like climate change, energy saving, and the aging population.”