• April 2011
    M T W T F S S

IBM Shows Smallest, Fastest Graphene Processor.

IDG News Service (04/07/11) Agam Shah

IBM researchers say they have developed a graphene transistor that can complete 155 billion cycles per second. The researchers say it is the smallest transistor IBM has ever created, with a gate length of just 40 nm. Graphene-based transistors can be produced at low cost using standard semiconductor materials, says IBM researcher Yu-Ming Lin. The transistor was developed through a joint IBM and U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency initiative to create radio frequency transistors. The graphene transistors use a new kind of substrate called diamond-like carbon, according to IBM. “The performance of these graphene devices exhibited excellent temperature stability … a behavior that largely benefited from the use of a novel substrate of diamond-like carbon,” the company says. IBM fellow Phaedon Avouris says commercialized graphene transistors will improve performance in applications related to wireless communications, networking, radar, and imaging.