• April 2011
    M T W T F S S

Multicore Coding Standards Aim to Ease Programming.

IDG News Service (03/29/11) Agam Shah

The Multicore Association has established specifications for a programming model designed to make it easier to write software for multicore chips, particularly for those used in smartphones, tablets, and embedded systems. The association is developing a set of foundation application programming interfaces (APIs) to standardize communication, resource sharing, and virtualization. The association has completed the multicore communication API (MCAPI) and the multicore resource API (MRAPI), and is working to develop more tools and APIs involving virtualization. “The primary goal for all parties is to establish portability,” says Multicore Association president Markus Levy. He says that a consistent programming model will make it easier to reuse applications on different platforms. “By using MCAPI, the embedded applications code does not need to be aware of the inter-core communications method,” says Mentor Graphics’ Colin Walls. MCAPI allows programmers to enable applications for multicore once and reuse that code on multiple products in a product line and for next-generation devices, says PolyCore Software CEO Sven Brehmer. MCAPI will be used in telecom and data communications infrastructures, in addition to medical devices, high-performance computing, and military and aeronautics equipment, Brehmer says.


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