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Oak Ridge Looks Toward 20 Petaflop Supercomputer.

HPC Wire (03/07/11) Michael Feldman

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is planning to build a third supercomputer called Titan, that will run at 20 petaflops and should be completed in 2012. ORNL’s other two supercomputers–Jaguar and Kraken–run at 2.3 and 1.0 petaflops, respectively. The Titan system will cost about $100 million, according to ORNL associate lab director Jeff Nichols, making it less expensive than the Department of Energy’s other 20-petaflop system, the IBM Blue Gene/Q Sequoia supercomputer, which is expected to cost more than $200 million. Titan will be a Cray supercomputer powered by NVIDIA Tesla graphics processing units, and both it and Sequoia could challenge Chinese systems for the title of most powerful supercomputer in 2012. Sequoia will be primarily used for classified nuclear weapons simulations as part of NASA’s Stockpile Stewardship program, in addition to running scientific applications in astronomy, energy, genomics and climatology. Titan will be dedicated to running a variety of open science applications.



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