• February 2011
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The Battle of Cloud APIs Heats Up.

 Rackspace Cloud Computing and Hosting  (June 15, 2010), Angela Bartels 

Rackspace, a web-hosting company that made its reputation on excellent technical/customer support, was one of the first legitimate entrants into cloud provisioning. Its VMs are cheaper and more capable that Amazon EC2 and not as limited as Google App Engine. Last year, Rackspace released a REST-based API to its cloud and provided it as open source. Here’s how the API matches up with Amazon EC2.

University Gives Java Parallelism a Boost

InfoWorld (12/17/10) Paul Krill

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) computer scientists recently released DPJizer, an interactive tool designed to simplify the writing process in Deterministic Parallel Java (DPJ), a Java-based type-and-effect system developed by the university earlier this year. The developers say the DPJizer Eclipse plug-in is the first interactive, practical type-and-effect inference tool for a modern object-oriented system. DPJizer can save time by automatically analyzing a whole program with DPJ annotations. “DPJizer increases the productivity of programmers in writing safe and deterministic-by-default parallel programs for multi-core systems,” says UIUC’s Mohsen Vakilian. The goal of the DPJ project is to provide deterministic-by-default semantics for an object-oriented, imperative parallel language using mostly compile-time checking. The system also features a compiler, runtime, and other components of open source software.