• December 2010
    M T W T F S S

Python 3.2 Tweaked for Parallel Development.

 IDG News Service (12/08/10) Joab Jackson

Python’s developers plan to offer greater support for writing multithreaded applications in the 3.2 version of the open source programming language. The first beta version of Python 3.2 has been released, with developers concentrating on bugs, general improvements, and maintaining the language syntax and semantics of Python 3.0. The pre-release version offers a package that brings together a set of functions that could make concurrent programming easier for multicore processors. “Python currently has powerful primitives to construct multi-threaded and multi-process applications but parallelizing simple operations requires a lot of work,” according to the original proposal for the project. A new top-level library will include several classes that could ease concurrency programming, such as the ability to execute calls asynchronously. Other new features include an improved Secure Sockets Layer module, a new module to access configuration information, as well as an extension that enables the programming language’s source code files to be shared among different versions of the Python interpreter.


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