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New Standard for Supercomputing Proposed.

Sandia National Laboratories (11/15/10) Neal Singer

Sandia National Laboratories has developed Graph500, a new supercomputing rating system that will be released at the Supercomputing Conference 2010. Graph500 tests supercomputers for their skill in analyzing large, graph-based structures that link the many data points used in biological, social, and security problems. “By creating this test, we hope to influence computer makers to build computers with the architecture to deal with these increasingly complex problems,” says Sandia’s Richard Murphy. However, Graph500 was not created to compete with the Linpack standard test for supercomputers. “There have been lots of attempts to supplant it, and our philosophy is simply that it doesn’t measure performance for the applications we need, so we need another, hopefully complementary, test,” Murphy says. The Graph500 benchmark creates a large graph that inscribes and links huge numbers of participants, and a parallel search of that graph. Machines designed to do well on the Graph500 test could be used for problems in cybersecurity, medical informatics, data enrichment, social networks, and symbolic networks. “Many of us on the steering committee believe that these kinds of problems have the potential to eclipse traditional physics-based high-performance computing over the next decade,” Murphy says.



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