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SDSC Part of DARPA Program to Deliver Extreme Scale Supercomputer.

University of California, San Diego (11/04/10) Jan Zverina

The University of California, San Diego’s San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) will provide expertise to the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Ubiquitous High Performance Computing multi-year program, which is developing the next generation of extreme scale supercomputers. The program will be completed in four phases, the first two of which expect to be finished in 2014, and the final two phases expect to result in a full prototype system in 2018. The program’s applications of interest include rapid processing of real-time sensor data, establishing complex connectivity relationships within graphs, and complex strategy planning. SDSC’s Performance Modeling and Characterization (PMaC) laboratory will analyze and map applications for efficient operation on the project’s Intel hardware. “We are working to build an integrated hardware/software stack that can manage data movement with extreme efficiency,” says SDSC’s Allan Snavely. “The Intel team includes leading experts in low-power device design, optimizing compilers, expressive program languages, and high-performance applications, which is PMaC’s special expertise.”



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