• July 2010
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Japanese Supercomputer Ranked 1st in Little Green500 List.

Tech-On! (07/08/10) Nozawa, Tetsuo

Japan’s Grape-DR supercomputer tops the June edition of Green500.org’s Little Green500 list, which ranks the performance per unit power consumption of smaller-scale supercomputers. Developed by the University of Tokyo and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Grape-DR has a performance per unit power consumption of 815.43 MFLOPS/W, which is about 5 percent higher than the 773.38 MFLOPS/W of the second-ranked IBM system located in Germany. Grape-DR combines Intel’s Core i7-920 microprocessors and the Grape-DR accelerator chip, which realizes a double-precision performance of 200 GFLOPS with a power consumption of 50W. The computing performance of the Grape-DR supercomputer system is 23.4 TFLOPS, which just misses the 24.67 TFLOPS mark required to be ranked 500th in the latest version of the Top500 ranking of supercomputers. The Grape-DR’s designers say that by adding more memory and boosting the interconnect speed, it is possible to enhance the performance per unit power consumption by about 50 percent within this year.