• June 2010
    M T W T F S S

Europe’s Prace HPC Grid Aims for Exaflop Power by 2019.

ZDNet UK (06/10/10) Meyer, David

The European Commission (EC) is funding a project by the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (Prace) to develop a grid of up to six “tier 0” high-performance computing systems spread across participating member states. Prace is aiming for a combined computing power in the multi-petaflop range in the next five years, and in the exaflop range by 2019. “I warmly welcome the launch of the Prace supercomputer infrastructure as scientific computing is a key driver for the development of modern science and technology and for addressing the major challenges of our time like climate change, energy saving, and the aging population,” says EC Digital Agenda commissioner Neelie Kroes. Prace will help investigate photosynthesis at a sub-atomic level, which could accelerate the development of more efficient solar cells. “Scientists can also investigate [three-dimensional] protein folding, which helps them understand how drugs interact with cells in the human body,” according to the EC.


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