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There’s No Business Like Grid Business.

ICT Results (11/16/09)

The European Union-funded GRid enabled access to rich mEDIA (GREDIA) content project has developed a platform that makes the grid’s resources available to business users. “Many business applications need to work fast and need to work with huge amounts of data,” says GREDIA coordinator Nikos Sarris. “The grid is ideal for that, but software developers don’t use it because they don’t know how.” Sarris says the GREDIA platform will help business application developers exploit the grid without requiring them to become grid technology experts. He says the system is reliable because it is distributed across numerous machines, and it optimizes business transactions using algorithms that make the most of the grid’s distributed resources. The project developed and demonstrated two business services: one allows any number of sources using almost any kind of device to be used as a news-gathering team; a second is designed for the banking industry. The banking applications enable lenders to use their home computers or handheld devices to securely provide information. The program authenticates information, combines it into a profile, and calculates credit rankings using a protocol specified by the lender.



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