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Google CEO Imagines Era of Mobile Supercomputers.

InformationWeek (10/28/09) Claburn, Thomas

Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes the future of computing lies in smart mobile devices and data centers. “A billion people on the planet are carrying supercomputers in their hands,” Schmidt says. “Now you think of them as mobile phones, but that’s not what they really are. They’re video cameras. They’re GPS devices. They’re powerful computers. They have powerful screens. They can do many, many different things.” Schmidt says over the next few years mobile technology will continue to advance and consumers will be exposed to new applications that are unimaginable now. For example, Google’s Android phone division is working on an application that can take pictures of bar codes, identify the corresponding product, and compare prices online. Another Android application can translate a picture of a menu written in a foreign language. Cloud computing will provide the computational muscle for many of these future services, which Schmidt says is probably the next big wave in computing. He also believes that computing will continue to bring major changes to our society. “We’re going from a model where the information we had was pretty highly controlled by centralized media operatives to a world where most of our information will come from our friends, from our peers, from user-generated content,” Schmidt says. “These changes are profound in the society of America, in the social life, and all the ways we live.”



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