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ANU Plans $50m Supercomputer Spend.

ZDNet Australia (10/20/09) Tindal, Suzanne

The Australian National University’s (ANU’s) National Computing Infrastructure (NCI) is expected to receive $50 million from the Australian government to build a new data center and supercomputer that could be available by 2012. The funding follows a recent report that strongly urged the government to upgrade Australia’s computing infrastructure. The new computer primarily will be used for climate change modeling and research, although it also will be available for other projects from universities and institutions. NCI director Lindsay Botten is developing a project plan for the government that, if approved, will enable the computer to be bought and operational by late 2011 or early 2012. Botten says that approximately $30 million will go to the hardware and $20 million will be used to build the necessary data center facilities. None of the funding will go toward on-costs for the computer and data center, which would have to be paid by research institutions using the facility. ANU recently negotiated the purchase of a Sun supercomputer, which is expected to be operational by the end of the year. That computer will be capable of a peak performance of 140 teraflops.


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